A Sample project - The Terence Mckenna Omnibus 2012

The first three videos are not processed with Structured Silence
The fourth through twelth videos were processed with our B3S4 Codec
See and hear for yourself. Compare any of the first three with the enhanced 4-12 videos

This is a YouTube Playlist. You can advance the videos using the controls once you start the streaming.

Thank you for taking time to learn more about Structured Silence™, a patented, value-added method for dramatically enhancing all digital media.

Structured Silence™ takes any digital sound and converts it into a new kind of digital sound — with more visceral properties and heightened aural, emotional, and visual response and interactivity.

By recapturing sound and emotion that is essential to the authentic human experience of entertainment, our technology presents digitized media an opportunity to generate increased audience awareness and engagement with the media product.

We're sure you have many questions related to how this technology accomplishes what it does. As already denoted, Structured Silence™ is a suite of codes (non-linear mathematical algorithms) that are run against the mastered, retail-ready file and that restore all the warmth and life (and much more) that the digitization process removes. Beyond that it is best explained directly by the creative team that has produced the technology.

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Our patented encoding algorithms upgrade ALL digital sound with 7 powerful benefits...
1 cleaner, richer quality
2 more lifelike and sensual
(textures, nuance)
3 more dimensional / 3D
4 visceral — felt in the body
5 improved speaker performance
6 different algorithms generate distinct emotional flavors and nuance
7 a new, highly integrated perceptual experience for digital sound through expanded visceral properties
Structured Silence™ works with all digital formats and bit rates without increasing file sizes.

the sound and overall embodied sensory and emotional experience of the media is more real and lifelike
the audio-visual cortex of the brain is activated for a stronger visual awareness and response to media and the surrounding environment in general
it generates a heightened and more embodied integration of the media experience
a more riveting emotional engagement and psychological state immersion in the media product is experienced